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Forex Expert Advisors: Become a millionaire for free!

We have often already reported about unsuccessful providers, who promise the traders the blue of the sky and advertise with fully automatic (non-functioning) trading systems. Just inexperienced traders are often "lure", because it simply sounds too seductive without exchange knowledge to get rich quickly. Only the providers will become rich.

Of course, the EA vendors rely on psychological tricks, but fortunately they can be easily read through. Let's show how these work. anchor about

In our research, we have come across the investor publisher, headquartered in Bonn, which at first sight makes a serious impression. There are no signs of fraudulent intentions on the publisher's main website. important link do Numerous stock exchanges are available for investors who can be subscribed for monthly fees. Again, nothing is unusual.

However, if one reads through the experience reports of users on the Internet, and there are a lot of them, the allegedly serious publishing house appears in a very different light. We are talking about "dubious rubbish", "rat trappers" and traders, who have lost their entire fortune because they have implemented the instructions for trading in the stock exchanges. We can not, of course, judge whether all these reports correspond to the truth.

Now we come to the special website of Forex Expert Adviser ROBOTRADING PORTFOLIO continued a from investor publisher. This seems to be really good, because with its trading system the dream of a luxurious life in financial independence becomes possible.

Earn money with idleness

Very typical for untrustworthy providers is that there is only an endless long page with massive text. The slogan "earn money through idleness" and "the most relaxed job in the world" are promoted here. Right underneath you can see a handsome man in a suit lying on a sofa and sleeping. May we introduce: Marius Müller, Chief Analyst and Developer. A little further down you can try these out about on the page is a second photo of him. This irritates the fact that this person has no similarity with the smart, sleeping businessman pictured above.

In order to put readers under pressure, only 50 people are allowed access to the software, which turns the domestic PC into a money machine. Unfortunately, this limitation is unavoidable, as Marius personally looks after each individual.

In order to create an emotional relationship with the product, Marius is telling of his relationship problems and how he has navigate to this website into managed them with the aid of the ROBOTRADING PORTFOLIO. Now he lives happily with his wife in Saus und Braus. It is sensational that an automated trading system can also act as a paired therapist.

We have found a different website on the Internet, on which also the commercial system is advertised, but not by Marius, but by Jörg Ludermann. get look at these guys The article comes from the year 2013 and at that time one could become a millionaire already in eight years. One wonders why the newer software version from 2015 now takes 10 years. Especially since the new "software-based trading system" now consists of seven different trading robots and there were only to address five. So, seven robots work less than five robots?

Our recommendation:


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One-off bargain price

In order to attract prospective buyers, there is the "success formula of the ROBOTRADING PORTFOLIO" for the absolute bargain price of 29 euros for three months. Only at the end it is pointed out that the software after the three test months in the week costs 19.20 euros, thus monthly 76.80 euros. But what is already nearly 80 euros a month when the millions are waving.

The text on the website is full of utopian and unrealistic promises. Here are just a few excerpts:

  • ... the dreamy trader life check this link right here now like is just a click away ...
  • ... now absolutely secure this privilege ...
  • ... private money machine in your own study ...
  • ... winnings are as secure as the Amen